Banglore Traffic Challan Status Pay Online

Banglore Traffic Challan Status Pay Online

Banglore Traffic Challan Status Pay Online

Banglore Traffic Challan Status Pay Online :

Check the status of your Traffic Challan in Banglore Traffic police website . Check the status of Bengaluru traffic challan and aye them online .

This is surely a noble move and will help curb the corruption as well as provide convenience to the officials as well as to the citizens. Today we are going to provide the step by step information on how to check and pay Bengaluru or Bangalore traffic police fine online.

How to check Bengaluru or Bangalore traffic police fine or challan registered under your name?

To see if there is any violation pending under your name of the list of violations for you till date in Bangalore, open the link and you will see the below screen

You can select the language and it can be either English or Kannada which is present in top left most corner.

You would have to put the vehicle registration number and it would ask whether it’s a new or an old one.  Once you click on submit, it would take you to the page where violations would be listed.

How to pay Bangaluru or Bangalore traffic police fine online

Ideally, there are three ways of paying the Bangalore/ bengaluru traffic police fine.

  1. First is to pay then and there to the traffic official once you get the traffic police fine from the Bangalore police.
  2. Second is to visit the concerned police station or RTO office within 15 days of the violation
  3. The last being is to pay it online, for which you need to visit the official website of Bangalore traffic police ( and below are the steps to pay it online.
    • You will see the below screen at the left hand corner and will have three ways by which you can pay the Bangalore traffic fine
    • You can click on pay violation notice if you have a got traffic police fine which has the notice number and some police officer has given you while breaking any traffic rules in Bangalore. Click on the link and you will get a pop-up to pay the challan using your credit card or debit card.
    • You can choose the second option if you have violated the parking rule in Bangalore and in the similar way as above you can pay the traffic fines online for Bangalore.
    • Last option is to search directly from this and pay it. You need to search using the vehicle number as done above but at the same time you can pay the fine online using the credit or debit card.

You may exercise any options that you find convenient.  The only catch here is that in case of second option to pay your fines is, if you do not visit the concerned police station within 15 days, you would have to collect your Registration Document from RTO office, which is a little tiresome job for anyone.

We would suggest to use the online feature to pay your pending traffic fine in Bangalore and please note that now there are hidden cameras as well in Bangalore city which will automatically track the vehicle number. We request you to please follow traffic rules not only to avoid any fines but to avoid any causality that happens a lot. Please check traffic rules in Bangalore so that you are aware of it and can follow it.