14 thoughts on “ICICI Bank FasTag Apply Online , Required Documents , Recharge Online”

  1. i applied for fast tag which was to be delivered yesterday , i have no update and i am unable to contact toll free number 1800 210 0104. keeps me waiting on call endlessly .
    my name sasi kumar boppana
    vehicle AP 16BS5828

  2. I had got FAST TAG of ICICI and am yet to put it on the deck and I find an automatic debit on the tag without even using it !!!! and their help line is horrible and no other means of communication

  3. my fast was issued when I purchased on 9/9/2019 I know the id no user id but when I demand forget password ,I never successed to received on its portal and the contact no.18002100104 which is horrible never contacted in the last 1 month and I received the messaged the some one will contact to you never meet me I don’t know the why they make the public harassment like me if their toll free no never responds,and messages are never attended. dr hc bunker id no.10658531 m no 9999802927

  4. My FASTAG Ac no 22815106 sticker issued through ICICI Bank has been chewed up by a rat, before it could be put up in the windscreen. This happened because of the Corona virus and my city being in a COVID-19 hotspot with no driving happening since long. Please let me know how I can get a duplicate card issued.

  5. My fast tag issue.. When I transition rupees I’d number 11902008.. Transition was successfully but recharge not successful in my fastag id.. So please refund my amount.. Recharge date 15 Oct 2020. My name is Sanjay Kumar Chaturvedi from Auraiya utter pradesh

  6. I applied for ICICI fast tag online on 9th of Nov 2020 . But I got a massage that due to some system error my request can not be processed, please try after some time . But my money got deducted from my account. I called the customer care and I was assured that my money will be returned in one week time. But since them I have complained 5 times and every time I am given a complaint no. and assurance that money will be returned , but till date 28th Of Dec 2020. The money has not been credited back in my account. What should I do ???

  7. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am using ICICI Bank fastag for my personal vehicle No. TN19-AL 6276., For my daily travel between my house and office I have to cross a toll plaza at Paranur. While online payment for Fastag Monthly Pass, my personal vehicle (RC attached) is listed as Commercial and the commercial rate is only available for the booking. However through the nhai website used by the toll plaza persons for such booking it is possible to make payment as individual (personal) vehicle.
    Kindly edit my fastag account and list my aforementioned vehicle as individual (personal) vehicle not used for any commercial purpose.

    Thank you.

    Deputy Director and Head,
    Division of Epidemiology & Statistics,
    Central Leprosy Teaching & Research Institute,
    Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (Govt. of India),
    Chengalpattu TN 603001 INDIA.
    Member-National Technical Resource Group-NLEP
    Contact:- Office: + 91 442 742 6065.
    Mob: + 91 944 454 9698.
    Web: http://www.cltri.gov.in


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