5 thoughts on “Punjab National Bank FasTag Online Application , Recharge , Documents Required”

  1. I submitted an online application for the fastag. Application was duly accepted and approved. I was assigned no.A20748, but I have not received the fast tag for ticking on my car. Also I cannot find the status of application. Please advise.

  2. I have received PNBFASTAG,but unable to recharge as login id showing invalid A15977,reported the matter to helpline a number of timwes ,they told me login id has been reset,but the problem still persists. HOPELESS still now

    • Hopeless system.
      Always shows. Invalid User Id and The user belong to different bank. Please verify user id.

      Today I tried more than ten time with customer care. They are not able to resolve the issue.

  3. My fast tag account no with PNB is 6078590010059847 with credit balance of Rs 800.00 on 02-11-2020. This credit balance was inclusive of deposit of Rs 500.00 at Maharani Bagh branch.
    On 02-11-2020 aforesaid tag was not accepted since deposit of Rs 500.00 was not proper mode of recharge as PNB FASTAG. When asked as to what is right mode, I am told that apart from branch, recharge can be made through https://etc2.ventureinfotek.com:8443/pnbnetc/ by using userid-B0056158. Despite trying to deposit for 15 days, I have not succeded. Is not it pathetic ?
    Will Mr Gadkari look into the matter ?


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