How to Recharge HDFC FASTag Online

How to Recharge HDFC FASTag Online: Now recharge HDFC Fastga Online easily . You can recharge HDFC fastag in HDFC website and you can also recharge in HDFC Mobile App. Use any one to recharge your HDFC Fastag .  

Fast Tag helps us to make us hassle free trip on national highways. Everyone can use the HDFC Fastag recharge easily and it is a re-loadable tag that enables automatic deduction of toll charges. As the deduction of the toll charges will be done in seconds while you pass through the toll plaza, you must recharge the Fastag account.

How to recharge HDFC FASTag Instantly

The HDFC Bank’s FASTag is a prepaid account, you can not pay the toll amount if you won’t recharge it. The vehicle after reaching the toll plaza receives the signals using RFID technology and the deduction will be done automatically without waiting in line. FASTag account can also be recharged at the Point of Sale (POS) locations using cash (offline) or online through NEFT/RTGS or Net Banking.

How to Recharge HDFC FASTag Online

HDFC Fastag recharge can be done easily by making payment either through cash at POS or through Credit Card/ Debit Card/ NEFT/ RTGS or through Net Banking. The maximum amount that you can recharge for HDFC FasTAG account is up to One Lakh Rupees only. Following are the steps to recharge your HDCF Fastag Account instantly.

Step 1 : Visit HDFC FasTag Portal

Individual customer must click on Retail Login and Corporate customers must click on Corporate Login. If you are a new user then click on the link “First Time User” after going to the home page of the FASTag portal.

Step 2 : Set the Password

You must Generate your password by entering any 2 details among Customer ID, RFID number, Wallet ID, Vehicle ID along with Phone Number and Captcha. Generate OTP for Verifying your mobile number and set the password.

Step 3 : Log In to the HDFC Fastag website

In the “User ID” field enter the Customer ID, If you select Wallet ID then enter the Wallet ID that is sent to the registered Email ID / Mobile Number. Enter the Password, Enter Captcha and click on Login to access FASTag account.

Step 4 : Select the option payment and Top-Up.

After logging in to the account as a Retailer or Corporate user, You will get a list of option in the drop down menu to select the payment option. Select it and click on the Top Up Button.

Step 5 : Select the Wallet ID and Enter recharge amount

In the top up tab, you must select your Wallet ID for which you want to make recharge and Enter the Recharge amount. The maximum amount that you can make recharge is Rs.1,00,000/-.

Step 6 : Select the Payment Mode and complete the payment process

The payment process will be completed and your HDFC Fastag account will be recharged only after selecting the payment mode, you must not refresh the browser or press on ‘Back’ button in the middle of the transaction. The Convenience fee will be deducted from the account while recharging online.

HDFC FasTag Recharge using Mobile APP

Recharge of HDFC Fastag can also be done by using mobile App’s such as Payzapp, GPay, etc or any UPI Application

Step 1 : Open any UPI ID application

UPI (Unified Payment Interface) is a smartphone application. Those applications are Payzapp, GPay, PhonePe, MobiKwik, etc.

Step 2 : Click on UPI ID and enter the VPA

Click on the option pay by UPI ID and enter the VPA which is a virtual payment address

Step 3 : Enter VPA for HDFC Bank FasTag Recharge

Enter the pre defined Virtual Payment Address for HDFC FasTag Recharge for eg.netc.MH12AB1234hdfcbank. The Convenience fee will be deducted for online recharge.

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Few Faqs About This Post

What is the minimum amount to recharge the Fastag account?

There is no minimum amount to recharge, but the maximum is Rs.1,00,000/- for KYC consumers.

Can i Recharge Fastag through Mobile APP?

Yes, you can recharge HDFC Fastag account through mobile App clear steps have been discussed in this article.

How to recharge HDFC Fastag?

Login to the account, Select the payment option, Enter Wallet ID and enter the recharge amount.