Jharkhand Traffic E Challan Pay Online and Status Check

Jharkhand Traffic E Challan Pay Online and Status Check

Jharkhand Government had initiated Traffic E Challan payment and status check online options through the official portal and implemented by Jharkhand Traffic Police Department. The violation of the traffic rules should be stopped that is made by a person of Jharkhand. So the Government had decided that the violated person should pay the challan amount and they can pay the fine amount through online.

Jharkhand Traffic E Challan Pay Online and Status Check

Earlier, It was done in the offline mode directly to the Traffic police in which person could not find the correct Challan amount to pay for the particular violation. Payment in the offline mode takes lot of time. So, To reduce this issue we can make payment easily by following the steps to pay online and check the status. Procedure for payment of the Traffic E challan for violating the traffic rules are given below.

Procedure for Jharkhand Traffic E Challan Payment

  • The person should go to the official portal of Jharkhand police Traffic E challan or simply click here.
  • Go to the link Online payment services. They you will find another link of Easy to pay penalty amount online click on it.
  • You will be redirected to another page. Here you can search challan by clicking on pay challan option.
  • You can enter either Vehicle registration number or Challan number.
  • If you want to search by vehicle registration number select it and enter the number.
  • If you have the Challan number then select it and enter the number.
  • A captcha image is available to you enter it on the given field.
  • Click on search button to get the challan details.

After clicking search challan the system will report the pending challans along with the details . If system does not find any pending challans against your vehicle number it will prompt you that there are no pending challans . If you are reported with any pending challans then check the details of that pending challan and verify that the details given in challan report belong to your vehicle or not. If there is any mismatch in your details you can contact Jharkhand Traffic Police Department for the clarification on your challan by emailing at echallan-support@jhpolice.gov.in for Jharkhand Traffic E Challan Pay Online and Status Check.

Jharkhand Traffic E Challan Pay Online

Check and verify the details and select the challan which you want to pay and click on pay now . After clicking on pay now option you will be redirected to the payment gateway where you need to enter the payment information and complete the payment successfully . After successful completion of your payment against your challan number you will get confirmation slip for the payment you made Jharkhand Traffic E Challan Pay Online and Status Check .

Jharkhand Police Traffic E challan also have some features of Statistical report with violation and acts for Effective report for management, Digitize Challan Records available online in downloadable form, Instant Messaging System that is SMS to violator on any type of violation on the road, Violation/History Tracking to Track the repeated violation by any vehicle or person, Pos Payment Services that is Cashless payment through Pos.

You can also check for the Penalty amount for the particular violation made by you by clicking on view act/section. They you will get list of Act/section with description and penalty amount.