Telangana Budget 2022-23 PDF Download | Telugu | English

Telangana Government presented its budget for 2022-23 annual year. You can download Budget 2022-23 PDF copies of Telangana in Telugu and English.

Telangana Budget 2022-23 PDF Download

Telangana Budget 2022-23 PDF Download :

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Telangana Budget 2022-23 Highlights :

  1. The budget outlay of ₹2,56,958.51 crore included ₹1,89,274.82 crore revenue expenditure and ₹29,728.44 crore capital expenditure.
  2. GSD of Telangana pegged at ₹11,54,860 crore for 2021-22 with a growth rate of 19.1% against GDP (national) growth rate of 8.9%.
  3. Secondary sector— Manufacturing and construction recorded a growth rate of 21.5% in Telangana. The services sector put up a growth rate of 18.3%.
  4. Agriculture sector has contributed over 20% to GSDP. The outlay for agriculture for 2022-23 is ₹24,254 crore.
  5. Per capita income of Telangana up to ₹2,78,833 in 2021-22 with an 18.8% growth rate against the national average of ₹1,49,848, which has 18.1% growth.
  6. Allocation for irrigation sector at ₹22,675 crores.
  7. ₹3,330 crores allocated to Palle Pragathi, or transformation of villages and ₹1,394 crores allocated to Pattana Pragathi or development of towns.
  8. ₹7,289 crores allocated to Mana Ooru, Mana Badi program to strengthen infrastructure in schools. For rural areas, ₹3,497 crores allocated to 9,123 schools.
  9. ₹1,000 crores allocated to the establishment of new medical colleges in Medak, Medchal, Rangareddy, Mulugu, Warangal, Narayanpet, and Gadwal districts.
  10. Percapita expenditure on healthcare in Telangana stands at ₹1,698 as revealed by the Centre recently.
  11. The total cultivated area in Telangana to 2.09 crore acres in 2020-21 from 1.31 crore acres in 2014-15 with the help of Mission Kakatiya, irrigation projects, and Rythu Bandh
  12. The government has spent ₹50,448 crores on Rythu Bandhu, investment support to farmers, given at ₹10,000 per acre per year to about 63 lakh farmers
  13. Under Rythu Bandhu, group life insurance cover provided to landholding farmers, 75,501 families given insurance benefit of ₹3,775 crores so far at ₹5 lakh per family, in the event of death of landholding farmer irrespective of the cause of death.
  14. The government has allocated ₹1,000 crores for promotion of oil palm cultivation during 2022-23.
  15. Irrigation facility increased to 85.89 lakh acres by 2021 against just 20 lakh acres in 2014.
  16. Restoration of minor irrigation tanks taken up with ₹5,350 crores helped stabilise 15.05 lakh acres.
  17. The government has decided to finance (grant) construction of houses by the poor having house sites at ₹3 lakh per beneficiary. ₹12,000 crores allocated to double-bedroom houses.
  18. The government to call for tenders for Wardha Barrage, Kupti, Chennuru lift irrigation, Nalgonda LI, Gattu LI soon.
  19. Reduced age limit of 57 years from the present 65 to be implemented from 2022-23 for social security (Aasara) pensions. ₹11,728 crores allocated to all social security pensions.
  20. ₹2,750 crore allocated to Kalyana Lakshmi and Shaadi Mubarak schemes.
  21. A total of 4 lakh beneficiaries are to be given ₹3 lakh each for construction houses in their sites in 2022-23 at the rate of 3,000 per Assembly segment.
  22. IT exports from Telangana valued at ₹1,45,522 crore in 2021 with a growth rate of 12.98%.
  23. KCR Nutrition Kits to be given to 1.25 lakh malnourished/under-nourished pregnant women and lactating mothers every year in Adilabad, Kumram Bheem, Bhadradri, Bhupalapally, Kamareddy, Vikarabad, Mulugu, Gadwal n N’Kurnool districts.
  24. An insurance scheme for all the handloom and power loom workers on similar lines of Rythu Bhima with a sum assured of ₹5 lakhs during the next financial year.