HDFC Fastag Recharge Online Procedure , Offers

HDFC Fastag Recharge Online Procedure , Offers

HDFC Fastag Recharge Online Procedure , Offers

How to Recharge HDFC Bank Fastag

To Recharge your HDFC Bank Fastag first of all you should login to your account by entering your credentials.

  • FASTag issued to individual customers are requested to click on “Retail Login” option on the home page of the FASTag portal.
  • If your are a FASTag corporate customers then click on “Corporate Login” on the home page of the FASTag portal.

Individuals and Corporate customers must follow the below steps to log in successfully

  • In the “User ID” field enter the Customer ID (which starts with 17xxxxxxxxxx and 18xxxxxxxxxx) which is mentioned in the Welcome Mailer sent on the registered Email ID / Mobile Number.Following are the others option which the customer may choose to enter in the User ID field for logging in to the FASTag account.
    • Wallet ID (Wallet ID is 14 digit numeric number which is mentioned in the Welcome Emailer & starts with 17xxxxxxxxxxx and 18xxxxxxxxxxx)
  • Enter the Password and then click on Login to access FASTag account.

Payment And Topup Recharge option will be available to you. With this option customer can recharge FASTag instantly.

  • Login in to FASTag Portal with User ID / Wallet ID and Password as discussed above.
  • Select the option of Payment And Topup then click on Recharge.
  • Select the respective Wallet ID which is to be recharged and enter the value.
  • The recharge value can be upto maximum of Rs.1 lakh.
  • Select the respective mode of payment, enter the subsequent details & click on “Make Payment”.
  • FASTag will be reloaded instantly.
  • The payment can be used by HDFC Bank Credit/Debit Card, HDFC Bank NetBanking, Other Bank Credit/Debit Card or Other Bank NetBanking.

Following are the Fee rates while making your Fastag Recharge

Credit Card1.10% of the transaction value
Debit Card1% of the transaction value
Net BankingRs. 8

Following are the functions which the customer can have access through the FASTag online portal

  • Can Manage Account – Road User Profile
    Customer can view their details, Address, Wallet details, Vehicle details, Account details and view/download FASTag Wallet statement in excel format.
  • Can Generate Service Request -> Request Type
    i. Closure Request – Customer can place the request either to close the RIFD Tag or Wallet.ii. Suspend Request – To place request for temporary closure of the RIFD Tag and Wallet.iii. Transaction Dispute – Customer can raise the dispute towards a particular transaction debit not authorizediv. Whitelist – This option can be used to activate your RFID Tag / Wallet for use.
  • Can View Service Request
    Customer can view the status of the service request.
  • Can Make Payment And Topup to Recharge
    With this option customer can recharge FASTag instantly.
  • Can view Reports & Statements
    Customer can view the transaction details of a particular date/month and download the Wallet statement.